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Starting his career working with content creators at Twitter, Harris began experimenting with Snapchat and built a sizable following by creating stop-motion Stories.  Ultimately, Harris left Twitter to start a content production studio in NYC where he created content for brands. From videography and photography, to  stop-motion animation and graphic design, Harris has evolved into a dynamic creator who's work touches every creative vertical.

Harris has a degree in Communications and in Entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan.

Go Blue!

Harris is a content creator & artist based in Miami.


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 Previously At:   Authentic Brands Group - TheMostFamousArtist - A Cereal Production - Twitter - Niche

 Software:   Adobe Photoshop - Adobe Premiere - Adobe After Effects - Adobe Audition - Adobe Illustrator - Dragonframe - Figma - Keynote - Wix

 Skills:   Animation - Art Direction - Content Strategy - Graphic Design - Pitch Decks - Photography - Post-Production - Web Design


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